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  1. Driving range closed until further notice.
  2. Golf Course Maintenance Year 2019

    Dear Golfer,

    Kindly be informed that as part of the golf course cultural practices, course maintenance department shall carry out its yearly programme called green renovation.

    The process is critical to maintain healthy green conditions thus provide consistently good green surface in the long run.

    Please be informed that the process shall involve part closure of the golf course as below : -

    1. First Nine CLOSE from 21th May – 27th May 2019, Second Nine AVAILABE.
    2. Second Nine CLOSE from 28th May – 03th June 2019, First Nine AVAILABLE.
    3. 18 Holes Available from 04th June 2019 onwards.

    Your kind understanding is very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    The Management
    08th April 2019